Le Pavillon de Galon - Roasted apples from the orchard



We produce our own red wine "Hocus Pocus", in very limited quantities - less than a thousand bottles a year. We are very proud of our Cote du Luberon wine, predominantly from thirty years old Grenache vines, giving it an unforgettable depth and color. A memorable adventure...

Olive oil

Olive oil is our passion too. Our gardens were planted by us with our personal selected varieties, creating our own unique blend of hand harvested extra virgin olive oil. Our organic production is pressed privately, next to the domain, ensuring a fresh and crisp flavor unique to our cold pressed oil.


Bibi, your hostess at Le Pavillon is a fine jam maker, who blends unusual flavors together to make exceptional preserves. Inspired by the 150 of fruit varieties we have in our orchards, she has experimented to make the finest homemade jams for our guests like figs with fresh pistachios, cherries with wild flowers, melon with lemons, strawberry with almonds...


"Le Miel du Jardin Bleu" is our own organic honey. Using specially designed and unique terra-cotta hives, we have created an environment for the most happy bees! The Pavillon de Galon's orchards, flowers and plants ensure that our bees have a ideal and rich landscape, pesticide-free space to create their liquid gold that they share with us and our guests. It is a unique and exceptional product!

Le Pavillon de Galon - From the orchard

From the orchard

Le Pavillon de Galon - From our natural veg garden

From our natural veg garden

Le Pavillon de Galon - Cooking and reinventing fresh beetroots

Cooking and reinventing fresh beetroots

Le Pavillon de Galon - "Invaded" by apricots

"Invaded" by apricots

Le Pavillon de Galon - Some figs from our collection

Some figs from our collection

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